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Have you ever been in a collision accident where the other party is uncooperative and does not want to settle the case? Auto Accident Law Firm San Diego in CA will help you receive the treatment and compensation for your injuries.
We will help you navigate and handle the insurance process with adjusters. Our team will also assist you in settling the compensation with the other party for auto collision accidents.


At Auto Accident Law Firm San Diego in CA, we are committed to helping the victims of auto collisions. We help them receive compensation for being in a traumatic ordeal while they recover from the injuries.
Our firm takes cases on contingency and the law firm does not get paid until they compensate the client. We will also strongly litigate all cases that cannot be settled at pre-litigation negotiation.



At Auto Accident Law Firm San Diego in CA, we attend to all client needs and questions. Our lawyers are always available to assist in every aspect of the claim or if the case forwards to litigation. We assist our clients to receive a full diagnostic assessment and complete treatment to address traumatic injuries.

Once our client is done with the treatment, we will strongly negotiate the claim during pre-litigation. We will maximize the settlement once a fair offer comes. In the instance that the insurer makes a low estimate offer, we will push the case for litigation to seek the maximum claim. Until a reasonable offer is obtained, we will not stop even if the case proceeds to a jury trial.

We are a firm that is dedicated to the individual plaintiff. Our team works on full contingency to make our client’s payment for legal assistance worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I Am Injured in a Car Accident- What Do I Do?

If you are hurt in a collision, the first thing to do is to get medical care. It is very important to know the extent of your injuries. Remember to get a proper diagnostic workup and treatment to manage the recovery process. You also have to determine the medical treatment program/ therapy for optimized recovery.

How Do I Pay for Treatment?

For clients with no medical insurance, an attorney will provide assistance in treating liens. Clients with medical insurance are asked by the commercial or government health plan to pay for the treatment. We will then assist you to negotiate a lower amount of liens against any third-party recoveries.

What Information Does the Attorney Need to Get Started?

In an auto accident case, the attorney needs a collision report if the CHP or local police were called to the scene. This collision report usually contains the names of the parties, insurance information, witness statements and the investigating officer’s assessment of the collision, and determination of cause and fault.
It is also helpful to have photos of the property damage and injuries, as well as a statement from the client describing how the collision occurred. The attorney also needs a HIPAA compliant authorization for release of medical records and bills to obtain the complete medical and billing records related to third-party liability.

What Happens When I Finish Treatment?

After the treatment, the attorney will make a demand on the insurer of the other party to settle the claim during pre-litigation. The claim is then settled once a reasonable offer is made.

What If the Other Driver’s Insurance Tries to Low Ball the Settlement?

For instances where the parties could not come with a reasonable offer from the other driver’s insurance, the attorney could file the case and pursue it in litigation. Once the suit is filed, there is a high possibility that the case will be settled before trial and verdict.
According to statistics, 98% of cases filed are settled before they go to trial. With this, it is more likely for a case to settle once a lawsuit is filed.

If We Have to File a Lawsuit Will I Have to Go to Court?

That depends. If the claim is not resolved at pre-litigation, you will be deposed by opposing counsel. The deposition does not take place in court but rather in the attorneys’ or court reporters’ offices. The chances are that the case will resolve at some point before it goes to trial. 

How Long Will It Take to Obtain a Recovery?

It depends on the facts of the case and the opposing party. If liability is clear and the parties both have a similar appraisal of damages, the case will likely settle soon.
If there are issues such as differing opinions or appraisals of liability and damages, the case will be moved to litigation in order for the parties to come to terms. In case the parties can’t resolve the case at litigation, the suit will push through trial. In some cases, time and expense of litigation put pressure on both sides. This pressure urges them to be reasonable and settle the dispute.

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